Wednesday, 9 September 2009

The brains behind the operation

Some of the tricks we are going to be playing with the lighting comes down to the clever programming and control of the LED lights being built in to the sculpture. LED technology is advancing in huge leaps and bounds with and we are using some of the most advanced and most powerful white light sources from Tridonic. I was over in Dublin yesterday to meet with Peter Barry from Emcon who knows it all when it comes to electronics. This is Pete outside the company, beaming for the camera!

Emcon are joint sponsors of the lighting equipment for the piece, along with Tridonic; without their help and encouragement we would be tying bicycle lights onto coat hangers. Thanks a mill, guys.

They were burning in thousands of LEDs to ensure there were no faulty units for a project to light up the exterior of a new airport terminal and all the test boxes were full of saturated blue light.

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