Thursday, 27 August 2009

Other things which caught my eye

We had a great trip out to Kaunas at the beginning of the month, to meet the museum director and technical engineer, and also our fantastic biennale producer Kotryna. It was good to get some of the logistics for the project firmed up, and also to have a more focused look at the Ivanauskas collection - more of our thoughts on this to follow.

I am so glad that we also had a chance to visit out to Rumsiskes - it’s a wonderful museum of vernacular buildings from all the different regions of Lithuania a few miles out of Kaunas. Such beautiful use of materials and amazing instinctive pattern making. Couldn’t help thinking though, what a hard life it must have been.

Amazing jazzy painted wooden barn doors

This wooden shingle roof was weathered to a lovely pewter. It really had the feel of a beautiful herringbone.

I was really excited too, to find some Karpiniai. These are traditional Lithuanian papercuts, which were used to decorate windows when lace was too expensive. This idea of papercuts and shadows feels very resonant for our project.

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